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Thursday May 16th 2017 – Santa Clara California – The number of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices is expected to be over 75 billion by 2025, according to Statista. Also, according to Statista, the market value of IoT is expected to be above $1.7 trillion dollars. This market is growing and growing quickly.

Reaching into this market requires more than an idea. The Internet of Things is growing exponentially in both size and value. Companies that can reach customers in this field are the ones that will reap the rewards. With APTILabs lean startup program and minimum viable product options your idea can go from paper to in the hands of your test market quickly.

APTILabs employs a full-service team of experienced developers, designers, and business oriented individuals capable of assisting the development of your idea into a viable product. Focusing on the entrepreneur has allowed APTILabs to be at the forefront of IoT development. Including, but not limited to, Sharepoint development, custom software development, mobile apps, and web portals.

Developers employed by APTILabs are skilled in custom software development for many platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Cordova, and Xamarin. Reaching customers where they are every day is crucial to the success of any service developed on the Internet of Things. Platforms are no longer as important as being available across many platforms. APTILabs understands and excels at this philosophy.

Development for the Internet of Things market requires focused expertise with a broader understanding of how users interact with product in the cloud. APTILabs strives to be exceptional with their quality of services offered to clients. From single dreamers to large corporations needing to tap into the cloud computing market, APTILabs is available immediately to assist in development and consulting.

More information on APTILabs minimum viable product lean startup options available on their website.

Go ahead, dream big, APTILabs will bring your idea to life.

About APTILabs:

APTILabs is designed from the ground up to focus on the Internet of Things market. Clients have access to many resources such as consulting, minimum viable product (MVP) development, custom software development, and lean startup.

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APTILabs MVP Lean Startup – https://www.aptilabs.com/mvp-lean-startup/

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