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SharePoint Maintenance and Support

SharePoint has turned out to be a common choice for business organizations looking for reliable collaborative web solutions. However, simply implementing SharePoint solutions for your business will not provide you with the desired results. Proper support and maintenance of the SharePoint environment is necessary and the process is no doubt challenging. Withyears of experience in providing SharePoint support and maintenance services to several clients around the globe. The many SharePoint projects we have handled span across various industries. Our highly trained and experienced team of SharePoint developers consistently extends the limits of SharePoint support to meet the client requirements.

APTILabs offers all levels of support, from simple problems or general “how-to” questions resolving to handling the most difficult or advanced issues requiring web part source code changes.

You pay only for the services you need and performed as required. The monthly sum consists of the fixed monthly fee and fee for requests exceeding monthly package.

Pricing example: 5 issues per day / 100 issues per month – are covered by monthly fee; requests above 5 per day/100 per month cost an additional fee per request.

SharePoint Support Functions

Our SharePoint developers at APTILabs have dealt with and built an array of SharePoint-based systems. We focus on:

  • Supporting existing intranet
  • Supporting internet SharePoint websites
  • Monitoring SharePoint servers
  • Supervising the condition of the servers
  • Regular backup
  • Release management
  • Service level contracts

APTILabs delivers Support and Maintenance services to all SharePoint versions


Customer’s need

How we satisfy it

All the issues should be resolved complete team of SharePoint experts (SharePoint administrators, developers, consultants/architects, Windows and MS SQL Server administrators)
Information security We sign NDA where all the confidentiality parameters are detailed
High service level Services are delivered in compliance with performance parameters and quality of work outlined at the Service Level Agreement
Prompt solution of critical issues Top priority issues are usually solved less than 1 hour
Effective collaboration with in-house IT staff Communicative and easy to work with team members
No issue reiterations We aim not just at problems fixing, but identifying of their root causes
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