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Middleware Development

Cross-language Messaging for Distributed Apps

Middleware being a special software layer with a custom-built functional set of APIs helps tie together disparate applications and bridge the gap with the legacies at a fraction of the cost of renovating the whole corporate IT landscape. Mixed platforms will no longer stem the tide, as middleware development is a sensible solution to manage diversity rather than fight technology restraints.

APTILabs with its first-class engineering talent, and their peerless expertise in low-level programming and enterprise class software, is at your service to help you bridge the disjointed — anywhere between the hardware and the kernel of the system or the user app.

Powerful Mediators in Data Exchange

Middleware powers a wide range of data management services and app-to-app communication from data reformatting, routing and transmission to distributed system communication enablement, transaction processing, server-side apps’ performance monitoring and optimization:

  • Message-oriented Middleware, Enterprise messaging system, ESB, message brokers
  • Content-centric Middleware, RPCs, ORBs, database middleware, SQL-oriented data access, ODBC, embedded middleware
  • Intelligent Middleware, transformation of large amounts of raw sensor signals into intelligent business knowledge in real time
  • Set-top-box and Streaming, custom APIs for home cloud, broadcast video and web services for paid content operators
  • Device Drivers, interfacing peripherals, networking hardware, components, memory storage; virtual device drivers

Bang-on Capabilities in the Mid Tier

Our teams have worked with several most advanced hi-tech corporations from Thomson Reuters Top 100 Innovators list to resolve complex data processing issues and mediate between several heterogeneous programs, operating system and hardware components as data sources.

  • We deliver powerful middleware as part of large hardware design and innovative R&D projects involving voice recognition, gesture and motion control, eye tracking, assistive technologies and more — solutions where raw data comes from mixed sensors and is processed by at the middleware layer before presenting the analysis or processing results to the UI.
  • We are proficient in establishing both real-time and asynchronous communication between the apps or services geared for rapid increase in reliability and availability of data and infrastructure assets, while boosting capacity scalability without losing function.
  • We provide Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and similar messaging services while delivering comprehensive Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) services and SOA-based solutions to corporate clients with a systematic need to leverage their existing different-type systems without inflating the budget.
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