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HMI/UI Development

HMI Engineering from Psychology to Technology

At the intersection of hardware, software, user experience and design, APTILabs delivers multi platform solutions with user-friendly controls, high operability, reliability and security. Our experience includes a variety of HMI types — from soft front panel buttons and basic system data visualization on a local display to complex web-based HMI solutions with multilingual and networking capabilities.

APTILabs engineers offer extensive expertise in C/C++ and Qt, VC++, and C# to develop efficient modular software that is easy to extend, integrate and support. With multiple production standards, design patterns, usability, behavioral and technical factors in mind, we develop easy-to-use and clean human-machine interfaces for a variety of target devices:

  • Pipeline Control Valves
  • Payment Terminals
  • Self-service Kiosks
  • Agricultural Vehicles
  • Warehouse Automation
  • Security Systems
  • Cars and Cockpits
  • Plant Equipment

Accelerating Time-to-Market through Smart IP

APTILabs offers its universal pre-built component — an embedded framework — that spins up design and development of any human-machine interfaces while optimizing your investments significantly by providing ready-to-deploy multi-platform HMI solutions faster.

The top benefits of HMI development leveraging APTILabs embedded framework:

Time and Cost Efficiency

APTILabs proprietary framework acts as a development accelerator enabling faster development HMI/UIs for any kind of target device using standard tools while delivering more concise code of higher quality.

Multiplatform Code Portability

APTILabs embedded framework allows developing multi-platform code portable onto a variety of CPUs, hardware components, and OS. This provides consistency: the users can manage the necessary machinery units remotely through a web-based HMI on their laptop, desktop or smart device in a similar manner like through the local component display or monitor mounted on the target itself.

Consulting for Risk Mitigation

Compatibility of this framework is very high, however in order to ensure smooth, painless development on any specific hardware we offer consulting services prior to the development phase involving system analysis and hardware emulation.

Low-capacity CPU Compatibility

We have optimized the embedded framework to work with very resource efficient, underpowered, thus cheap, processing units, particularly important for mass-based firms seeking lower procurement prices. Saving several dollars on each CPU will deliver substantial cost-cutting for batch production.

Second-to-none Professional Team

APTILabs Embedded Team is an internationally acclaimed group of professionals in research and development, electrical design and engineering, low-level programming with over 15 yrs of relevant experience on average. We offer full-cycle service of development and deployment of embedded systems for computer-powered devices and machinery of any size and complexity.

From nanotechnologies, providing NAND flash memory firmware and performance optimization, to oil pipeline management solutions, car manufacturing, pharma, medical and space equipment, APTILabs delivers cutting-edge resource-efficient solutions enabling machine-human interaction with precise results. Our client base contains such high tech giants as SanDisk, SK hynix, Applied Biosystems, Lenovo and many more.

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