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User Experience Design

The UXD team was voted for creating one of the top ten overall User experiences in Data Visualizations for the projects.

How does the UXD team craft your overall user experience to bring your application into the limelight ?

Our UX team looks into 4 aspects:

  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • QA
  • Engineering

Our team of Interaction Designers designs a sequence of screens, a sequence of steps user of your application has to go through in order a user has to accomplish a certain task. These tasks depend on whatever your application does.

Interaction design takes into account how user interacts with the data and UI elements of each one of your screens as well as how they interact with all of those screens together. So the data and the UI should be strong in a way so that they make sense together with the User.

This is an example of the user flow our interaction designer might give to our developers of the engineering team for a mobile app.


Wireframe and Prototype

Here is an example of an annotated wireframe and prototype for a developer. So the different annotations mean what different elements of an UI mean.


Then we have a team of visual designers who specifies the color palette, the iconography, typography, all the visual personality of your application. They would specify all the spacing of all the layouts of every single screen. So interaction designers basically come up with a low resolution wireframe and visual design will give you a high resolution mockup. Also we believe that the design team alone is not responsible for creating a great user experience rather it takes the whole team of your product and that could be user researchers, project managers, tech writers.

UX for Learn Startups (Learn UX)

Lean Startup is a methodology created by Eric Ries and it’s based on lean manufacturing of products which actually came out of Toyota. Lean startup is about learning as quickly as possible by reducing the cycle time of the Build-Measure-Learn loop. The idea is that instead of just assuming that you know what exactly to built you form a hypothesis that something might work and then you find the fastest way to validate or invalidate the hypothesis. The goal here is to actually to build stuff that people will actually use or buy and we do that by validating every sprint of the build.

What is Lean Startup?

Does that mean you can build a product with a lean approach which is really cheap/free and that you don’t need to spend any money on the design ?

No ! just because you are bootstrapping your startup doesn’t make you lean ! But it turns out that lean startups can end up spending less money than other startups and that is because we are constantly evaluating whether we are building the right thing.

So what is this Lean UX then ? How is it different from Lean Startups ?

Lean UX is about applying the above mentioned iterative steps to User experience Design. Lean UX is about designing products that are usable and useful.

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