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Development Approach

Our Approach

Fascinated by how the technology worked its way into our everyday life — making it more dynamic, engaging, and versatile — we definitely wanted to be a part of this magic.

The Magic of Technology

We took every opportunity for teaming up with the in-the-trenches software and electronics powerhouses for a chance to witness and contribute to something known today as a technological breakthrough. We also went high and low scouring for the best IT talent on the market, which we continue to nurture and grow professionally. These are our core assets that help APTILabs stand out from the competition and enable to provide higher grade service in some of the most demanding and technology-intensive niche sectors of software engineering — be it embedded, gaming, mobile, web, or a mixture of those.

Genuinely Keen

At APTILabs we have always been interested in putting our brain to the real work by taking on the challenge of delivering complex or difficult-to-realize projects. Intelligence, genuine curiosity, savvy, and, most importantly, passion for engineering are a few qualities which are inherent in the programming and scientific talent working with us.

Competency Centers

Our Competency Centers are central hubs aggregating subject-matter expertise and proven hands-on experience in the leading market technologies, which are the best fit for APTILabs services focus. They span from C/C++ for embedded to .NET for business application development to Java for web applications, and Android/iOS for mobile applications. We’ve specifically been practicing segregation by technology focus to fast-track the target competency learning curve, facilitate knowledge sharing both within the in-house and the customer’s team, as well as try out and get a feel of what’s new within the technology.

Early Adopters

Math quizzes, science, and programming contest winners capable of solving most sophisticated algorithmic problems, are the driving force that keeps APTILabs going strong in the technological forefront. We also take pride in working with some of the world’s most exciting innovators — like HP, SanDisk, Nike — and be an early adopter of emerging hardware and software technologies that have not seen wider exposure yet.

R&D Initiatives

Lucky to be among the first who have access to a handful of experimental or pre-release components, gadgets, and technology, APTILabs software engineers with a focus on R&D go far and wide exploring the breadth of capabilities and fields of application for these next generation industry hallmarks, identifying the potential pockets of growth for our customers. Some of the latest examples of our R&D effort include studying and testing Android OS porting to custom hardware platforms and trying a new dimension technology such as motion controller in game development.

Our Approach

When developing embedded software, at APTILabs we consider various economic and technological conditions that may affect the cost of producing, supporting, and extending the system. In other words, we are committed to reducing the long-term TCO of the developed solution.

  • We apply comprehensive QA and debugging procedures
  • We follow relevant programming guidelines, coding standards and best embedded system development practices
  • We make sure the produced code is clean, readable and well-commented

Quality Assured

As our grasp of the domain was building up, we were developing a strong appreciation of QA. We know the dramatic impact it has on the software engineering process and final result. The importance of making testing a mandatory routine of the software development process as a whole cannot be understated. We employ two key testing methods to identify any hidden flaws in software:

  • White-box testing — ensures software is tested on the source code level and then debugged or fine-tuned
  • Black-box testing — examines software functionality without touching the internal structures or connections

Applicable during unit, integration, system and acceptance testing to craft efficient, resilient, infallible software, we’ve established focused QA Labs:

  • Firmware & Embedded QA Lab
  • Mobile QA Lab

Testing as a Service

Quality Assurance is also available for our clients as a separate service. We provide testing and debugging for a range of solution types.

Project Management

We know all the angles of taking your vision from concept to completion. Our magic wands here are a number of reliable software development methodologies, with RUP and Agile leading the roster.The two have proved to be the most viable process frameworks that best suit our software engineering needs and have long been favored by our team for the right mix of tools, techniques, and practices.

Moreover, our experience shows RUP has been a better fit for working on embedded software development projects, which are implemented with a clearly outlined vision and elaborate requirements in mind and fewer change requests along the way. Whereas the Agile techniques have been incredibly useful for working on more dynamic projects — such as game design and development, mobile app or web development — driven by the faster time to market needs.

However, combining RUP and Agile could also bring the compound benefits of RUP’s structure and change control along with Agile’s flexibility and efficiency.

Engagement Models

What many companies call ‘partner relations’ is something we like to refer to as a ‘team of like minded associates’. This truly reflects the collaborative spirit and common mindset of us working together towards a common goal. Lending a “helping brain” to our client’s in-house development team or contributing as a distributed software engineering team member — choose how you want to engage with APTILabs to achieve striking results in your technological endeavor.

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