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Shared Services

Reduce Operational Costs

End-to-end process automation minimizes errors and brings down the operational costs significantly.

Improve Productivity and Capacity Planning

End-to-end process automation minimizes errors and brings down the operational costs by more than 30%.

Increase Compliance

Enforce internal policies, comply with regulatory needs and follow operational Standard Operating Procedure.

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Be a Customer Centric Enterprise with APTILabs

Stiff competition and heightened customer expectations are compelling organizations to become customer centric from being process centric, making service quality a key market differentiator. To deliver high quality services to both internal as well as external customers, businesses must consolidate their operations across multiple teams, locations and enterprise systems.

APTILabs is your ideal technology partner for establishing customer centric Shared Service Centers (SSCs) across multiple functions such as Finance and Accounting, HR, Operations and Supply Chain among others. With our industry best solutions built on robust Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) platforms, we enhance the service delivery capabilities of your Shared Service Centers through higher Straight Through Processing (STP), greater First Time Right (FTR) percentage and reduced Turnaround Time (TAT).

We help you scale the SSC maturity curve from automation and centralization to standardization and finally continuous process improvement. APTILabs has worked with leading global enterprises to transform their shared service centers from mere transactional hubs to business value creation centers.

“It has helped our shared services to reach, where we are today. And, Shared Service Centers are delivering; the processing everyday; and its keep showing that it is increasing; as we start deploying it in other locations.”

“When we embarked on the SSC transformation journey, there was quite a bit of ground to be covered. The idea was not just to run a streamlined AP process but empower every member of the SSC to deliver with efficiency and effectiveness. Attention to detail was the key, leading to the demand for technological innovations at every step. The APTILabs team worked relentlessly to meet these demands at the same time ensuring that benefits for every little change brought about were accrued to the entire SSC ecosystem.”

“An efficient partner who understands the customer perspective by placing themselves in their position”

Solution Accelerators across Shared Service Centers

Finance and Accounting

  • Accounts Payable (AP) or Procure-To-Pay (PTP)
  • Accounts Receivable (AR) or Sales-Order-To-Cash (SOTC)
  • Purchase Order Approval
  • e-Invoicing
  • Order to Cash
  • Collections
  • Records-To-Reports (RTR)
  • Freight Bill Processing
  • Vendor Query Management

Vendor Portal

  • Vendor On boarding
  • eInvoicing
  • Transaction tracking
  • Query management
  • Item Update

Human Resources

  • Employee Reimbursements
  • Travel and Expense
  • Medical Claims
  • Mobile Reimbursements
  • Official Expenses
  • Cash Advance Request
  • Payroll Additions/ Deductions
  • Leave Management
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Personnel Appraisals/Reviews
  • Offboarding

Supplier Portal

  • Supplier On boarding
  • Discount and Credit Management
  • Query Management
  • Item and Price Update

Supply Chain/Purchasing

  • Purchase Order Request
  • Negotiations and Purchase Collaboration
  • Contracting Process Automation
  • Contract Life Cycle Management
  • Vendor Catalogue
  • Bidding and RFP Process Automation
  • Quotation Management

Contract Management

  • Company Lease – Rental House/ Vehicle/ Others
  • Employee Contracts – Full-time/ Consultant / Part-time

Useful Resources

  • Whitepaper: Delivering Success for Shared Service Centers
  • Brochure: Maximizing Returns from Shared Services
  • Brochure: Vendor Portal

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APTILabs experience with global customers has revealed that achieving functionality and centralization is not sufficient to harness the true potential of an SSC. We find that SSC leaders continue to face significant roadblocks in achieving their value creation goal, and are urgently seeking technology solutions to support their vision

APTILabs collaborative philosophy and the powerful SSC solution has helped companies save cost and attain following business benefits:

  • Greater Return on Investment
  • Significant Reduction in cycle times
  • Improvement in FTE productivity
  • Reduction in cost per invoice

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