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Engagement Model

When we say, our aim is to work with our clients as partners, we mean it. We understand the different needs of different businesses and have created three proven models for our clients to engage with us. At the same time, our agility demands we create tailor-made engagement models too to suit the unique business needs of our clients.

An Extended Development Center, which is an extension of the client’s software engineering facility, is popular among clients, who are looking at long-term gains from their investments in research & development. This model ensures that the extended team works as an extension of the client’s team and provides resource flexibility, extensive scalability, cost and time efficiencies, cross trained resources and the ability to adjust to peak loads.

This model incorporates a pool of specialized, multi-disciplinary resources that are organized and managed by APTILabs to meet the client’s explicit business objectives. The team is trained for a particular client, while working from the APTILabs development center and goes to extra lengths to simulate processes to exacting standards as per the client’s requirements. The EDC model is usually applied in long-term partnerships with a significant amount of work. Importantly in complex projects, where it is not advisable to replace the developer during the project.

You can outsource an entire software production cycle to APTILabs or any one of the production processes: requirements specification, architecture design, development, testing, documentation and support. At APTILabs, you can use shared resources if there is no full-time workload for a project role, or supplement your team with time & material resources. Our managers keep the project efforts and deadlines very close to estimates on all the projects.

We have successfully managed offshore product development effectively with different clients across the globe. Daily interaction between our clients and concerned teams helps our clients to keep a track of the product development and make swift corrections whenever required. Our effective use of phone, email, messenger and web conference tools further ensures more transparent environment.

With APTILabs, you can select the most convenient engagement model for your project and business needs. Please let us know which one out of the three best defines your needs. Please do let us know even if your business needs are different. We always look forward to help.

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