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Experience in Embedded Software Development

We are one of the few global outsourcers who has proven skills and experience in firmware and embedded software development and related fields.

  • Wearables
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Hi-tech Gadgets
  • Internet of Things
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Networking Solutions
  • Medical Solutions
  • Digital Signal Processing

Advanced Sensor Design from the Ground up

APTILabs team has a way with sensing devices. Taking advantage of our feats of engineering and innovation in hardware and low-level fields, we’ve been pushing forward a ton of sensor-rich solutions — the solutions that capture real-world signals and help our global clients become data savvier, do more with less, automate a wealth of processes, and reach the areas of their business previously unreachable by a man.

  • Hardware
  • Data Acquisition
  • Intelligent Middleware & Sensor Web
  • Mobile Applications

From various sensor-equipped solutions for the sports industry and smart healthcare laboratory systems to laptop drivers leveraging the power of tilt sensors to rotate a screen and wearable device projects relying on direction- and motion-sensing — APTILabs draws on its knowledge of the domain to create sensor node software and design wireless sensor networks for advanced business solutions, as well as develop high performance applications, making use of these types of sensors:

  • MEMS
  • Acoustic
  • Optical & Imaging
  • Environmental
  • Proximity & Presence
  • Motion, Vibration & Acceleration
  • Electric, Magnetic & Radio
  • Pressure & Force

DSC and DSP Software Development

Drawing on its remarkable hardware and embedded software expertise, APTILabs implements novel product ideas powered by efficient DSPs and DSCs. APTILabs clients can up the ante on their operational processes, business efficiency and industry standards by building with us advanced industrial control and automation systems, complex surveillance and healthcare applications, entertaining sports and leisure solutions, and more.

Control Systems/Motor Control
— from industrial automation to fully-automated drone-based inspections;
Video Compression/Pattern Recognition
— from surveillance systems to complex video analytics solutions;

Digital Image Processing
— camera apps with face recognition features, data overlays, meta tagging;
Audio Signal Processing
— audio recording apps with advanced algorithm-based noise filtering features.

Team:Years of Experience

Firmware and embedded development is a challenging task requiring mature and competent specialists. APTILabs is one of those very rare companies having about 75% senior and expert level staff on board.

Domain Proficiency

During the decades-long track-record of working in the industry APTILabs has delivered firmware and embedded solutions to dozens of customers from the US and Europe. Combining our project experience, personal skills and continuous R&D efforts we’ve garnered valuable expertise in a number of domains, hardware types, and application areas:

  • Firmware for various electronic device types
  • Storage device firmware
  • Data exchange among the devices
  • Microcontroller programming
  • Digital signal processing
  • System-on-chip embedded software
  • Embedded Linux based solutions
  • Cross-platform software development
  • Drivers and BSP (Windows, Linux, Mobile platforms)
  • M2M Solutions and Connected Devices

Tuning iBeacon & BLE-enabled Hardware to Get the Right Caliber Performance

When the exigencies of your business demand more than an off-the-shelf iBeacon/Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy hardware can offer, APTILabs has the right make of embedded software development skills to address the issue. The APTILabs team develops embedded software and firmware that allows extending standard characteristics of a beacon and the tweaking capabilities of Bluetooth Low Energy devices. We can help you tune anything from processor memory to BLE smart module performance, including:

  • Optimizing memory footprint
  • Reducing power consumption
  • Adapting Wi-Fi & NFC modules
  • Increasing the number of UUIDs that a beacon can simultaneously communicate with
  • Minimizing overlapping of BLE-device coverage
  • Tweaking adaptive frequency hopping
  • Enhancing signal strength
  • Extending storage capacity
  • Tuning geolocation capabilities (UUID, minor, major, etc.)

Complementing custom embedded solutions, APTILabs can push your iBeacon/BLE ventures forward to hardware, mobile and web level, creating a full-fledged beacon ecosystem at one place. We have all required expertise in-house to accomplish such endeavors!

End-to-end Service

APTILabs provides full cycle development — from initial analysis, requirements management, hardware and PCB design, enclosure design, rapid prototyping, to implementation, ongoing support, and continuous improvements.

Mature and Focused Team

APTILabs Embedded Systems Department is a strong team of seasoned professionals with years of hands-on experience in firmware and embedded application development, as well as profound practical knowledge of a wide range of domains. We guarantee that only highly skilled engineers will work on your projects.

Long-term Partnership

We are committed to a long-term strategic partnership and provide professional and cost-effective services at any stage of a project, system or device life cycle.

Systems Thinking

To be able to deliver a high-performance and reliable product, we pay close attention to each and every detail of the solution, making sure all the system components are seamlessly interconnected and the system architecture is coherently optimized.

Team: Key Technology Skills Distribution

We have a solid team of skilled embedded software engineers with 10 years of experience on average and a strong foothold in Assembler, C, C++, and Python. Besides, we have extensive knowledge of proven architectures, network protocols, and more.

C/C++ Protocols Architectures RTOS




Objective C
































Nucleus RTOS




Technology Partner for Industry Trendsetters

Embedded software developed by APTILabs has been a driving force behind many digital products in your daily life. Our expertise has been particularly appreciated by many industry leaders and OEMs, often Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, as well as emerging producers of innovative goods including wearables. This diverse experience helps us give large companies the agility of a smaller business while utilizing their economies of scale.

Often, we cooperate with our clients during their R&D stage for new product development and help energize those endeavors with cutting-edge technology. At APTILabs, we’ve participated in multiple product releases which have brought multi-million dollar revenues to their producers thanks to the functionality, performance, interoperability and integrity of the firmware we’ve built.

In addition, we have great experience in working with legacy code and offer more reliable and cost-effective support, maintenance and improvement of the existing solutions.

Established Processes

APTILabs continuously improves and refines its development, quality assurance and project management processes and procedures to ensure stable and controllable project flow.

  • Precise requirements management
  • Comprehensive research and analysis on the early stages to mitigate project risks
  • Mature project management — we are competent in RUP and Agile (SCRUM) methodologies
  • Strict source code management policies
  • Established documentation strategy
  • Seamless communication
  • Transparent workflow

Start a Project with APTILabs

Devising the ‘next big thing’ driven by embedded software? Take a seasoned professional on board! With nearly two decades of first-hand embedded solution and firmware development experience under our belt complemented with extensive R&D practice and proven project management processes, APTILabs makes a reliable development partner for building powerful electronic solutions, devices, and low-level components that enable innovation. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities for collaboration.

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