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What is Ridesharing?

Ridesharing has taken the world by storm. The aim of ridesharing, according to Wikipedia, is to reduce traffic congestion, automobile emissions, and vehicle trips. But the award for the best description of ridesharing goes to Dictionary.com which defines it as, “a car service with which a person can use a smartphone app to arrange a ride in a usually privately owned vehicle.”

But it is not a new phenomenon. Ridesharing has a background dating back to the times during World War 2 when there was a dire shortage of gas which resulted in shared rides, and later in the during the oil and energy crises. It became big and modernized only in recent times though. The 21st century has revolutionized the way we perceive ridesharing (also called carpooling, vanpooling, lift sharing, and covoiturage in French) due to the advent of high-end technology.

How Does the Modern Ridesharing Concept Work?

Basically, ridesharing works on a peer-to-peer driver-partner concept where drivers (who are mostly car owners) partner up with a particular car sharing company like Uber and Lyft to provide rides to potential customers.

Today, ordering a ride has become a cup of cake due to the availability of smartphone apps, social media, GPS navigation devices and online services including websites which link potential people in need of rides with drivers offering them.

Moreover, these apps have completely eliminated the need for one to pay with cash manually. The fact that one is able to choose a car with a tap of a finger (while taking into account factors like the driver’s profile, rating, and reviews etc), track the driver’s location and get notifications has increased the popularity of ridesharing massively.

Some reports like the one mentioned in Wired.com, state that commute sharing is just complimentary to the old – trains, buses, and taxis. This makes sense given that the invention of TV didn’t wipe of Radio and the invention of Skype didn’t wipe off Telephone. But one no one disagrees on, it seems, is that ridesharing is growing massively and that it is here to stay.

Customer App

  • Instant Ride calls
  • Schedule Rides
  • Cancel Rides
  • Wait time charges
  • Real Time Ride tracking
  • Notification by Email /SMS
  • Reviews
  • Ratings
  • Payments
  • Fare estimates and Estimated arrival times
  • Customer Supports
  • SOS Panic Button
  • Favorate locations

Driver App

  • Interactive Maps
  • Navigation
  • Auto offline when Idle
  • Document Managment
  • Earnings
  • Visitor type
  • Notifications – Email/SMS
  • Driver Support
  • Accept / Reject Rides

Administrative Console

  • Multiple Country
  • Multiple City
  • Multiple Servie Types
  • Interative Statistics
  • Map View
  • Manage Reviews
  • Payment Reports
  • Promo Codes
  • Settings
  • Document Managment
  • Surge Pricing
  • City Service Radius
  • Admin/ Dispatcher
  • Manage users
  • Manage Drivers
  • Manage Request


Dispatcher Console


  • Dispatch Request
  • Fare Estimates
  • Manage Requests

Partner Console

  • Manage Drivers
  • Earnings
  • Add Bank details
  • nodejs
  • mangodb
  • Android Native
  • iOS Native – Swift
  • SailJs
  • Jquery
  • LESS
  • SASS
  • Coffescript
  • Socket.io
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